Graphics by Arenas Basabe Palacios

They have a distinct style for all their urban design schemes.


in Liztomania where it goes “duel it duel it juggle it duel it” I thought it was  ”too late too late chocolate too late” I like my version more

I thought it was just me. 😂


Summer in Cinque Terre | Italy (by Dear Leila | On Tumblr)

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Ceramic sculptures by Katharine Morling

Everybody gay and everybody A
My boyfriend when he explains Pretty Little Liars (via ashleyinwondrland)

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225 plays Slipping Away Switchfoot Fading West

It’s four in the morning
I can’t sleep
And it feels like a warning



Beautiful water colour paintings by Maja Wrońska

watercolors <3

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Moleskine Art by Gabriel Picolo

20-year-old artist from Brazil Gabriel Picolo has created an incredible series of manga inspired doodles using just pencil and pen on a Moleskine sketchbook.
Gabriel Picolo: Instagram I facebook I deviantArt

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cuz if u liked it then u shoulda put a ring on it


A Visual History of World Cup Finals by Grassform